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A&F Drum Co Artist, Byrne Cymbals Artist

He started playing drums when he was a child, and after graduating from high school, entered Koyo Conservatory of Music.

Learn the basics of various styles of ensembles.


Traveled to the United States in 2014. Lived in Los Angeles for 1 year.

Impressed by the swing jazz he saw locally, and he jumped in and repeated sessions,

It absorbs that style and is called the Japanese Rhythm King.


After returning to Japan, he started playing around swing jazz.

The videos that are posted on Instagram are

highly talked about because of their uniqueness.

There are over 10,000 followers.

Event appearances in Europe, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Perform both domestically and internationally.


​2017 Appearance at  FUJI Rock Festival


2018 A&F Drum Co, Byrne Cymbals

Bought his own drum style and was selected as the first Japanese endorser.

In 2020, appeared in the concept movie of the Hakusan Optical.

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